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Project Tongariro planting
We support Project Tongariro


Project Tongariro is an organisation that provides assistance with various projects aimed at protecting the environment of the Tongariro National Park and the greater Taupo region. Activities involve tree planting and predator trapping along side Department of Conservation initiatives and involve many hours of volunteer support. 


Project Tongariro has Greening Taupo, Kids Greening Taupo,  Predator Free Taupo, Rotopounamu Forest Restoration and Te Matapuna Wetlands Restoration as active projects that involve predator trapping lines and planting activities. During the summer period after Christmas they run Mahi Aroha which is a set of day activities eg an annual Kite Day at Whakapapa village and guided walks to places of interest in the Tongariro National Park.

At Kiwi Cycling we contribute financially through the  sales of the cycle shirts and cards. We are actively involved with predator trapping as this is close to our hearts. Efforts to eradicate pests at Lake Rotopounamu, Tongariro NP are well rewarded with a good percentage of kills in the traps and a greater number of birds evident in the bush around the lake. You must go there and see for yourself!


When you buy products from us we can invest in these projects to protect our precious taonga. 


Project Tongariro also accept donations through their own web site and have plenty of information on how they work with DOC to meet the needs of various projects.  


Family trap building day at the National Trout Centre, Turangi with a feathered supervisor!

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