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Alps 2 Ocean - New Zealand

Pai's cycle tours


Paihikara is an adventurous character and can often be found riding along on top of the panniers or strapped on to my back pack during our cycle tours. You can share his travels by clicking on the links below.

We some times do a lot of pedaling so expect a lot of words! Included in some of these documents is the equipment that has been carried along with us during our cycle tours.

Northern Migration - 5000km Europe Cycle Tour

Paihikara's 2012 cycle tour from Amsterdam in Holland to Narvik in Norway.

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Border Loop Cycle Tour - Queensland, Australia

Pai flew to the Gold Coast in Australia and had an adventurous few days cyclinging back and forth between Queensland and New South Wales in August 2014.

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MawsonTrail - South Australia

Pai "crossed the ditch" to have a taste of the Australian outback with a cycle from Wilpena Pound, in the Flinders Ranges, down to Adelaide in 2014.

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Shiver Me Timbers - New Zealand

Paihikara's Anzac weekend cycle along the Timber Trail from Pureora to Ongarue 2014.

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Bay of Plenty Cycle Tour - New Zealand

Paihikara's 2013 cycle tour through the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand with ACTA (the Auckland Cycle Touring Association).

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10 Day XPD Adventure Race - Queensland, Australia

Pai wasn't around for this one and it isn't really cycle touring but it was quite a journey all the same.

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The story of Pai

Paihikara was given to Di in May 2012 as a gift before her first self supported cycle tour in Europe.

His name is the maori  word for cyclist.

He rode on the top of the panniers for most of the 5,000km cycle tour through Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

Pai has been the inspiration behind the cycling kiwi logo and plays a big roll in our marketing.

Pai joins Di on all her long rides around our fantastic country and through the back roads and trails overseas.




Mawson Trail - Australia

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